Jona Stoute is an EXPERT CONSULTANT for the Direct Sales and Multi-Billion Dollar Network Marketing Business Model and Multi-Million DollarTelevision Network Business Launches  and most recently Amazon Bestselling Author. She is a global leader and Leadership Mentor who has successfully helped several hundred visionaries implement and expand their visions with strategic systems to support a customer base of thousands that allow them to Expand their Businesses and support Kingdom vision and represent God well.

Jona Stoute

Her organization Healing Humanity Global states when you empower the people you will empower a vision.

With an International Platform and a Kingdom Presence, Jona Stoute shares life-changing Transitioning messages and Strategic Systems that are building and restoring Lives and Legacies, globally.

Jona believes the Faith-Based Community, though Full of Faith; most lack the Manifestation of the Practical. Therefore we must provide Solutions for Gods’ people to represent Him Well.

Meet Jona Stoute

Financial Literacy Advocate /Business Consultant